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Gastronomy and tourism research group meeting

Diverse ASG-leden zijn ook lid van de ATLAS-werkgroep 'Gastronomy and Tourism' (over ATLAS zie ook de ASG-website). In dat verband verscheen het ASG-tijdschriftnummer 'Gastronomy and tourism' (2003 nummer 5 jaargang 20 – red. Jacques Collen and Greg Richards) met de referaten van de expert meeting die in Sondrio (Italy) van 21 tot 23 november 2002 plaatsvond. En dat daar nog altijd belangstelling voor is, bewijst wel een aankoop van begin 2019 door Tracy LAU, Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services Research Support, Pao Yue-kong Library Hong Kong, Polytechnic University Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

In dit nummer “Gastronomy and Tourism” staan volgende artikels:

• Gastronomy tourism product development in coastal upland areas of the European Atlantic, Beer Sean, Edwards Jonathan, Fernandes Carlos and Sampaio Francisco

• True tastes: developing a new regional paradigm for food tourism, Jones Andrew and Jenkings Ian

• What do tourists eat and why?  Towards a sociology of gastronomy and tourism, Hjalager Anne-Mette

• Integrating sectors and efforts: communities, agencies, food and tourism in rural development, Boyne Steven, Hall Derek and Williams Fiona

• Italian culinary tourism on the internet, Antonioli Corigliano Magda and Baggio Rodolfo

• Gastronomy and events in Catalunya, Richards Greg

• Regional gastronomy and local food in tourism, as well in economic and social policies, Collen Jacques




Gastronomy and Tourism: Reflections on local food consumption in urban and rural areas.

February 20-23rd, 2019 the ATLAS Special Interest Group on Gastronomy and Tourism held a very successful meeting in Évora, Portugal. The organizers described it as follows: “It was a real pleasure to see friends of past SIG meetings and new friends that we made in the short few days that we spent in Évora. We had a productive meeting, exchanged research ideas and improved on our networking. But above all, we met wonderful people with whom we hope to maintain contact.” We could not better describe the true benefits of the ATLAS network! 

Food, gastronomy and tourism are considered a new area of academic interest (Maberly and Reid, 2014; Okumus et al., 2018) and a marker of social distinction (Okumus et al., 2018; Kim et al., 2009). Among the variety of research topics inside the area of tourism and gastronomy, local food consumption still needs further discussion. As highlighted in the literature, the consumption of local food is affected by a number of factors, destination environments, among others, being an example of a dimension that still needs to be discussed. Moreover, consumption of local food in rural and urban areas provides different perspectives in terms of environmental, social and cultural context. These challenges and perspectives suggest the need to reflect on the differences in how consumption of local food is influenced by the spatial context (rural and urban). Further, this meeting intends to reflect upon, discuss and open new avenues to enlighten researchers and practitioners by suggesting strategies and actions in order to preserve cultural and social authenticity for visitors during the process of their consumption of local food.

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